5 Reasons Why My Blog is Something You Will WANT to Follow!

Test Drive Crew
May 30, 2019

5 Reasons My Blog will be something you want to follow:

  1. Planner Test Drive
  2. Monthly Book Reviews
  3. Insight into Business topics
  4. Tax Tips and Tricks to pay less to Uncle Sam
  5. I have a cool name with dual meaning and sometimes I will post personal stuff.

Planner Test Drive

I have six different people all with different family sizes, responsibilities, and desires will use a planner for a month. Call it a planner test drive. They will each share their thoughts on that planner each month for a year. They will also rank them in order of the one that they would use always and forever or the one that they would not waste their money on.

Book Reviews

With so many business books out there who has time to read them all. We will read them, give you a great synopsis and a single page worksheet to use while reading the book.

Business Builder

Tips and tricks to build and grow your business as well as insight into the mind of business owners. Yes, i know that it can be a scary place to delve into but it could also be a lot of fun.

Sharpen the Pencil

No one likes to pay the government. Reading this will help you pay them less which means you get to keep that money in your pocket. I have spent years helping businesses pay less to the government the legal way. I can help you too.

Cool Name and some personal stuff

What is more stressful than naming a business, or a child? Try naming a blog. This name means 2 things to me. I always have my mind in my business, trying to find ways to make it better and I try to always mind my business. Mindin’ my business as in making it grow, A business needs a lot of tending to as does a well balanced life. I love minding my business and life. It does not mean that I will mind my own business. As a very opinionated person this is not something I am good at. I can’t promise that I will always mind my own business.

I look forward to seeing you here next week!