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May 8, 2019

We are excited to share our Planner Test Drive Crew!  

What is it? It is a group of people who are going to use the same planner every day for a month. At the end of the month, we will all provide our individual review of the planner. I don’t know about you but the last time I shopped for a planner there were SOOO many out there. It was really hard for me to choose and they all looked the same. That is when I got the idea to try out a lot of them and tell people what I think of them.

When I started this project I had almost thirty people who wanted to participate.

I originally decided to go with three but then added two more people to make sure that there is someone who almost everyone can relate to.

In order to help you choose who’s opinion will be most like yours, we are providing background on each crew member along with their personality test results.

 The test drivers are only compensated with free, new planners every month. There is a lot of hassle involved in switching every month so I am not sure that qualifies as compensation but it is what I offered and they accepted. These test drivers are in for a ride and so are you. I hope you find what we are doing valuable.

Jenifer (MB:INTJ  Disc: High Dominance BankCode:BKAN) is a married mom of 2 early teenagers in her 40s.  She runs two businesses and is the founder of a nonprofit organization. She loves to teach and has incorporated that in to both of her businesses.  Her hobbies when she has time for them include digital scrapbooking, reading, organizing, and anything that allows her to unplug from people and technology.  This crazy adventure in planners is all her cracked idea. She was looking for a planner to help her get organized and there were too many choices. Because she is a High D (disc assessment) she found a way to get what she wanted (all of them).  With this, the Planner Test Drive Crew was born. This allows her and others to try them out, see what is valuable and what is not. From this whole experiment other than amazon loving her buying habits she is hoping to create something of value and help those that are seeking a planner and are overwhelmed by their choices. Before becoming a test driver she was using google calendar, acuity, and todoist.com to organize her life.  

Braiden (MB:   Disc: BankCode: ) is in his 30s, married with a baby.  He helps run the family business. He does a great job at filling in wherever is needed.  When taking some of the personality tests he has to distinguish between who he is at work and who he is at home because they do not have the same priorities.  He describes himself as organized, busy, blunt, and disciplined (this is why we get along so well). He loves fishing, boating, and hiking. He decided to be a test driver because he has been trying to find a way to better organize all that he does and had not yet found “THE” way that works for him.  His goal is to achieve more in a day and to find THE planner for him. Before becoming a test driver he was using worksheets he had created for himself in a TUL notebook.

Chelsey (MB:EIFJ  Disc:Steadiness BankCode:ANKB ) is a married stay at home mom of two kids under 5 in her 20s.  She loves hobbies and has lots of them including reading, crocheting, playing the ukulele and outdoor activities, especially fishing.  She loves planners and has always used one. She loves making lists and checking off what she has accomplished. She is hoping to find one that she loves and will continue to use or maybe figure out one she can design to help others to be more productive. Before she began as a test driver she was using a Happy Planner.

Lulu (MB: KymeraJ Disc: Dominance BankCode:BNKA) is a married mom of 2 (and 1 exchange student) in her 30s.  Her Myers Briggs assessment showed that in the first three categories she could be either so we are not sure what she is.  She works as well as owns her own business. Her hobbies include photography and kid wrangling. She describes herself as organized, goal oriented, busy and has a love of learning.  When asked why she wanted to test drive 12 planners she said because she wanted to be able to judge things and not have that be a bad thing. She is hoping to get something to help her organize her own life  and create balance between kids, work, business, and other responsibilities. Before becoming a planner test driver she had just started using a Panda Planner.

Sarah (MB:INTJ Disc: Dominance BankCode:KBNA) is a divorced mom of 3 in her 40s.  She runs three businesses, her interests have gotten lost in the day to day requirements or running multiple businesses and making sure that the children are where they need to be when they need to be there.  She wanted to participate because she was researching on her own which system was the best but there were too many to make a good choice. The idea of test driving them for a month each to see which one would fit her lifestyle was very appealing.  Her goal is the manage her time better. She wants to be able to plan things rather than just putting out fires. She is also looking for less stress and more focus in her life. Before she began as a test driver she was using the brightest fire method (brightest burning gets put out first)

Suzy-Q (MB:ENFJ, Disc:Influencer, BankCode: NBAK) is Divorced in her 50s with no minor children.  She works as the amazing office EVERYTHING at a local marketing company, seriously, they would have no idea what to do without her.  She describes herself as fun and easily amused. She loves new recipes and all things crafty. When asked why she wanted to be a test driver she said that she is a try it before I buy ti kind of gal and like to do things hands on.  She is currently organizing her life through the sticky note all over method. She is hoping to get every aspect of her life organized, set some goals and create time for a social life.